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Business Dynamics

Business Planning

As China's largest comprehensive supplier of building materials,our company is devoted to providing high-quality comprehensive services related to building materials,promoting advanced technologies and products,and living in harmony with the local government,companies and people to achieve win-win cooperation all over the world.

Intelligent Internet of Things

Carrying the important task of the innovation and development of the Group;s Internet +,'One belt and One Road',cross-border e-commerce + overseas warehousing,big data and cloud services,our company is committed to creating a new modern service industry pattern of intelligent trade,intelligent channels,intelligent industry and cloud services...

Overseas Platforms

Relying on its Overseas Platforms distributed in more than 20 countries around the world,our company fulfills the national Development Strategy of 'One Belt and One Road',plays the platform role of central enterprises in the 'going global' strategy,and establishes mutual benefits and win-win results with global partners by adhering to the spirit of open regional cooperation.

International Products

Our company is based on the comprehensive services of bulk commodities,large-scale equipment import and export,international production capacity cooperation,modern manufacturing intelligent services industry and other fields.